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Why content moderation costs billions and is so tricky for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others

After the riots at the Capitol in January, debate is swirling over how platforms like Facebook and Twitter moderate content and what's protected as free speech. Source link
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Covid relief bill may trigger $36 billion cut to Medicare, higher student loan fees

A $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill backed by Democrats may cause automatic cuts in certain programs like Medicare to control federal deficits. Source link
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Op-ed: A digital dollar would help the U.S. and its allies keep China in check

U.S. officials this week offered their most full-throated endorsement yet of a digital dollar. Meanwhile, China has accelerated efforts for a digital currency. Source link
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Institutional Investors Pile Into Crypto Exchange-Traded Products: Managed Assets Rise to $44 Billion This Month

The total assets under management across all crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs) worldwide have risen 50% this month to nearly $44 billion. Among listed products, Grayscale’s bitcoin trust tops the list...
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Gig companies prepare to bring their fight for independent work nationwide under a more skeptical Biden administration

State lawmakers working on bills to protect gig workers told CNBC that the outcome in California does not necessarily portend the future in their own states.  Source link
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Myanmar police launch most extensive crackdown yet on protests — one woman shot and wounded

Myanmar police launched a sweeping crackdown on protests against military rule on Saturday. One woman was shot and wounded and dozens were detained. Source link
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Private companies are driving costs down for everyone in the space race, says man behind UFO ETF

Billionaire-backed private space companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin are "opening up opportunities" with their rivalries, says ProcureAM CEO Andrew Chanin. Source link
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The $282 Million Awakenings: 120 Bitcoin Block Rewards from 2010 and 2011 Woke Up This Year

On February 25, onchain analysts noticed two 2010 block rewards that were transferred after sitting dormant for over a decade. A lot of old blocks have been spent in 2021,...
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United Airlines starts offering bus service straight to Colorado ski slopes from Denver

The service starts March 11 from Denver to Breckenridge, Colorado and will be expanded to Fort Collins, Colorado in April. Source link
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Here are Warren Buffett's biggest stock bets

Here are the companies Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is betting on. Source link
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