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February 22, 2021

South Korean Financial Regulator Confirms Privacy Coin Delistings- Adds New Guidelines to Report Unusual Transactions

South Korean financial watchdogs are about to start overseeing crypto-related activities in the nation, and additional barriers for exchanges keep appearing. Moreover, one of the South Korean regulatory bodies codified...
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Biden allies lobbying White House to find replacement for budget pick Tanden as senators oppose her

Biden's administration is being urged to consider new nominees to run the Office of Management and Budget as Neera Tanden may not make it through the Senate. Source link
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Oracle stock jumps as investors take a new look at its cloud story

Oracle stock had its best day since March after an article suggested the company could have potential in cloud computing. Oracle isn't a cloud leader, though. Source link
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Democrats move toward passing $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill this week after it clears House panel

Democrats advanced their $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan, and aim to pass it in the full House later this week. Source link
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Researcher Finds an Old Twitter Profile May Have Been Satoshi Nakamoto’s Account

On February 22, 2021, an author published a post on about an anonymous Twitter account that may have belonged to the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. The researcher discovered a Twitter...
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These warning signs suggest stocks are heading toward a correction

CFRA's Sam Stovall says several important market indicators are near extreme levels and that means stocks could be heading for a meaningful correction. Source link
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Three Reasons Why Metadata Privacy Is the Next Level Evolution Towards Data Privacy

Most people think metadata is something you only have to worry about if you are running an SEO campaign. However, most people do not realize that every task you perform...
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Mike Santoli’s market notes: Betting on reopening, sloppy selling in Apple and Tesla

This is the daily notebook of Mike Santoli, CNBC's senior markets commentator, with ideas about trends, stocks and market statistics. Source link
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‘Bitcoin Is the Biggest Jailbreak in Human History,’ Says Philosopher Stefan Molyneux

On February 19, the Canadian podcaster and Freedomain Radio host, Stefan Molyneux, discussed his thoughts about bitcoin following the crypto asset’s tumultuous rise capturing over a trillion-dollar market valuation. Molyneux’s...
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